Nota de agradecimento à melhor série de sempre

Depois de, há momentos, ter visto o extraordinário último episódio de Breaking Bad, A MELHOR SÉRIE DE SEMPRE!, escrevi um comentário de agradecimento à série na página criada com esse propósito pela AMC. Deixo aqui o texto, em inglês, tal como o publiquei (cheio de erros, está claro). 

I've never been so addicted by a TV american drama series like Breaking Bad. This was an all new experience that I started the past year and finished some minutes ago. This was something that many of my friends had experienced with some shows that fascinated their minds, but were always not so interesting for me. I am more a guy of movies, but Breaking Bad caught me by surprise, and changed my entire life. I never saw anything like this and, I presume, I will not see, from now on, anything that could be so good as Breaking Bad. I'm so grateful to the genious Vince Gilligan, who created a story and characters that are so human (and that is what people most like to see on TV, that's for sure) and to the great actors and technicians that made this "magnum opus" be possible. Thanks to Breaking Bad, I changed my way about drama fiction in american television business, and it make me belief that, despite the economic interests of the guys who just want to know about the damn ratings, there is always space in networks for works that are made with intelligence. Because is shows like Breaking Bad that make that history, the History of Television and the History of the creativity of the humankind and the imagination. imagination that has to be seen as an important factor for the creation of great art. Yes, because Breaking Bad is art, from beginning to end. THANK YOU GUYS! 
From a great portuguese fan,